Organically Refreshing,

Naturally Tasty.

Prestons' Ginger Beer is a refreshing balance of ginger bite and sweet floral notes. Made in small batches to ensure it’s perfectly balanced every time.


About Us

Prestons' Ginger Beer is made in small batches using a 100 - year old South African recipe Passed down by my Ouma (Grandmother - Catherine Susie Williams) who loved sharing her history and traditions with her family. On special occasions, Ouma would prepare wonderful confections, savory dishes and beverages from recipes passed down to her. The ginger beer was everyones favorite, as soon as it was brought out everyone was waiting patiently to sip down the refreshing beverage.  I now live in San Diego, California. with a family of my own, I decided to carry on my Ouma’s tradition. By Introducing her original ginger beer recipe to my family and friends.  Using organic and all natural ingredients and the same fermenting methods.  The final product resulting with smiles and responses received from all who have tried Prestons’ Ginger Beer has been so rewarding. I’m hoping that somewhere up there, Ouma is taking it all in.  Want instant updates without the annoying email. We would love for you to connect with us through Instagram or Facebook, find out if Prestons’ will be showing up at your local market.

Our Locations

Jimbos Naturally

Seaside Cardiff Market

Perky’s deli

The Addison Resturant

Siesels Meat Market

Viewpoint Brewery

Surfside Deli

Bine & Vine

Collins & Coupe

The Butchery

Valley Market

Supernatual Sandwichies

Pine Valley Store

Oceanside Brewery


Sierra Sundance

Whole Foods Mammoth Mountain

Sona Liquor and cigars

More to come!



16 fl oz bottles


5 gallon pony keg.


(Please contact for pricing and details)


Available in the following sizes.


Frequently Asked Question


 Is Prestons' ginger beer alcoholic ?

- No


How long is the shelf life and how long after is it good after opened ?

 - Prestons' will be enjoyed until the last drop as long as it is refrigerated before and after it has been opened.


Are all the ingredients Organic?

- We use all natural and organic certified ingredients, there are no preservatives. You will notice it with your first sip. It is the real deal.


Is Prestons' gluten free?

- Yes Prestons' is gluten free and vegan friendly.


Prior drinking here’s a few tips to make your experience perfect.

- Make sure your Prestons’ ginger beer is well chilled

- First break the seal and twist the cap to release the built up pressure.

- Then Re-tighten cap.

- Make sure the cap is secure, hold the bottle upside down and swirl gently  mixing the ingredients that have been resting on the bottom.

- Sit the bottle upright again, please open slowly due to carbonation.

- Pour over ice or enjoy straight from the bottle.


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