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Our Story

I was first introduced to ginger beer when my Ouma (my grandmother) made it for the family during my childhood. She made it with our family recipe of Naturally fermented ginger beer cold crashed before turning alcoholic. I fondly remember sitting with her, drinking ginger beer on a hot day.
Years later, as a father of two, I began Looking for a healthy alternative to processed soft drinks. So my oldest daughter and I decided to brew ginger beer the way my Ouma made it for me during childhood. The drink became a family favorite, and its popularity grew to our close friends and then to friends of friends.
Fast forward to 2019.
We quietly opened up our brewery and taproom during the global pandemic; not a great time to open a business, but we needed more space than our kitchen at home to fulfill the demand.
We sustained the pandemic with the help of our loyal friends and customers throughout San Diego. We now produce about 15 bbl monthly of naturally fermented nonalcoholic ginger beer. We use fresh Peruvian organic ginger root per batch brewed with non-refined sugars, R.O. water, fresh lemons, and time. Our flavor lineup uses fresh fruit, teas, and spices. We do not add shelf stabilizers or pasteurize; we want our ginger beer to hold its integrity, full of health benefits. Like anything that is All-Natural, our ginger beer must be kept refrigerated.
Being a small family operation is not easy, but the benefit is that we can communicate with our customers. Seeing the smiles and the customers return weekly to restock is such a blessing; that is a reward to me.
Through this incredible journey, I've realized I'm here to produce a ginger beer that tastes incredible and is made with ingredients that I would give to my family.