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Chico Brenes Ginger Beer

A special collaboration with Chico Brenes. An award winning blend of Yerba Mate, Japanese Yuzu Lemon, Mint & Honey .  

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I grew up in South Africa, where skateboarding went against the grain. I didn't care. Skating was freedom. What began as a way to release energy and explore my creativity became a life lesson: Accomplishment rarely comes easy, pain is temporary, and rewards come to those who never quit. In a way, skateboarding prepared me for the personal battles I would encounter as an adult.

Skateboarders all have similar stories.

Friend and pro skater Chico Brenes says skateboarding changed his life.
In his words:
"Skateboarding taught me so much. You spend days, weeks, to land a new trick. It's a life lesson to never give up, to keep going and doing what you love."

 Life delivers opportunity and new relationships at unexpected moments. We both ended up in California for different reasons. A relative handed young Chico a department store skateboard after he and his mom escaped from war torn Nicaragua.

Chico became a skateboaring legend.

I founded an award winning brewery that makes ginger beer from a South African recipe handed down by my grandmother.
A chance meeting evolved into a collaboration
Ginger beer and the skateboard connection.

 Crazy, right?

Skating's hard hits add up over time. Turns out that both of us took to cycling, Surfing and flexibility training to maintain our mental and physical drive. Inevitably, our conversations centered upon essential natural ingredients - and led to the creation of an incredibly delicious ginger beer collaboration that we are excited to share with you.

The Chico Brenes / Prestons collaboration - a very special ginger beer blend, globally recognized that received a double gold medal.

Officially the best ginger beer in the world.

Get outside, take it all in, let's keep rolling.

Enjoy, and thank you,
Harold Preston & Chico Brenes